VMR Training

We need to keep our volunteer safe in an environment that can be unpredictable.

To do this we need to ensure that our member groups and our volunteers have as much training as they can get.

Over the last few years DFES have been working on a training pathway for our volunteer marine rescue personnel The program was to be a blend of commercially available training packages, and some tailored in-house training.

Over the last 12 months with the implementation of the National Standards for Commercial Vessels (NSCV), the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) have been working towards a set of national training standards for all marine rescue volunteers.

VMRWA has been very involved in these national training requirements, and should have some definitive answers for groups in the coming months as to what the new training pathway will look like.

This training page will provide specifics of marine rescue training as it becomes available.


Where to from here?

The Association has been working closely with AMSA and DFES to determine the best outcome for the training needs of our groups.

Updates will be sent out as and when they are available.



Need to know more?

You will need to watch this space.

Over the coming months more information will be at hand and will be passed on to groups. An update of the DFES training pathway will become available.