VMRWA Support Equipment

The Association has a number of assets available for loan to groups or incidents.

When a groups vessel is out of action, due for replacement or refit; the group has the option to request the use of one of the two standby rescue vessels in the Volunteer Marine Rescue fleet.

The Tom Reed is a 7.3m Naiad that has been in service for about 10 years. In recent years the vessel has spent some time at Christmas Island supporting the VMR group there. The vessel underwent a refit on coming back to the mainland.

The Association's 2nd Standby rescue Vessel is Sardam. The vessel is 7.5m Air Rider and has been in service for the last two years.

In 2014 the Association has secured a tow vehicle that can be used to tow either vessel around the state to meet the needs of our VMR Groups.

Tom Reed


VMR Vehicle


Need to know more?

If your group needs the use of one of the standby rescue vessels it will need to be booked.

Contact your VMRWA Committee, either through your Regional Commander, the Vice-Commander or VMRWA Commander to organise.